About Us

The mission of Developing K.I.D.S. is to strengthen urban communities through inter-generational leadership, academic enrichment, and civic engagement.

Our vision is that through the work of Developing K.I.D.S., we will create stronger communities throughout metropolitan Detroit with an emphasis on building vibrant communities where individuals and families are heard, valued, and thrive.

Core Values


D – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: We accept all youth, parents, and community members; meeting them where        they are.

R – Relationships, Retention, Respect: We support youth throughout their journey to live a meaningful and         productive life. We serve youth participants from 5-24, college care, alumni, and career opportunities for       enrichment.

E – Evolving – Evolution of a A Kingdom: “We do that” mentality – We consistently adopt, adapt, and customize our organizational strategy to meet the needs of the community.         

A – Accountability – We, the staff, board and participants; are accountable for our 

actions. We follow through and own our mistakes when needed.

M-  Motivated: We are inspired to shape the future leaders of tomorrow. 


Developing Kingdoms In Different Stages (Developing K.I.D.S.) is a non-profit organization that services its community through three areas: Prevention, Family Management, and Community Support. The word Kingdoms is used as a synonym for communities. The word Stages represents the process in how we will service communities. The underlying philosophy is that leaders will be developed and nurtured in every community that we serve. Therefore, that Kingdom (community) will be initially serviced in a stage that reflects the voice and needs of that community. The mission is fulfilled through efforts of reaching out to families instead of individuals. There is tremendous support for families but our priority is the youth and we host activities for them to work together; hence building and increasing strong communities. 

Initial services began in the St. Suzanne Faith & Friendship Center (later named the Don Bosco Hall Community Resource Center) in 2007 with elementary and middle school youth. In 2008, we implemented our first high school program and it was unsuccessful. In 2010, the high school program was revived by youth request and continues. We have had as many as seven locations within a year, all operating at once. In 2010, our peer organizations within the DBH Community Center selected us to lead a collaborative project to boost participation of adults and youth in the community center that was extremely successful and became the model used for all other neighborhoods. In 2014, we expanded to provide services in two community locations and five schools. Since our first group of high school graduates, we have had a 99-100% high school graduation rate. Developing K.I.D.S. was proud to present at the 2016 National Dropout Prevention Conference. In 2021, we served over 600 youth from 59 zip-codes, who attended 112 schools. All community programs and services are provided at NO COST to participants. 


Since our first group of high school seniors in 2012, we have had a continuous 99-100% high school graduation rate for youth engaged in our program activities. Dozens of our alumni have been awarded national and global Fellowships and acknowledgments for their leadership. We celebrate development and offer opportunities within as we have three long-term participant parents on our team and nine alumni. Developing KIDS made great strides in 2022 as we purchased a 23,000-square-foot facility to become our new permanent home and expanded our team from 10-31. We were awarded contracts in Detroit Public Schools Community District to facilitate programs in 14 classrooms in the summer of 2022 and to be a Managing Partner of the afterschool programs in 2 schools in the 22-23 school year. We have provided summer employment through the city of City Detroit’s summer employment youth programs since 2009 and have been a Lead Agency for the Grow Detroit’s Young Talent (GDYT) program since 2020 serving 150-200 youth each summer. In 2022, our participants came from 42 zip codes to attend our programs. Our executive leaders have led professional development workshops on our best practices at the local, state, and national level; most recently at the National Afterschool Association in 2022. Developing KIDS has been the recipient of national grants awarded to only a few in each cycle that include funders such as New York Life Foundation, LISC, Footlocker, and Bright House Network.

Data + Statistics

  • Avg. 85% Detroit Residents
  • Avg. 89% Low-Income
  • 98% African American Participants 
  • 45% Male participants
  • 250+ volunteers were of service for more than 2,100 hours in 2022
  • 100% Black Female-led organization